Providing quality Aboriginal legal services across Canada...
The only real solutions to Aboriginal problems and challenges must come from Aboriginal people themselves. Meaningful independence and self-sufficiency can only result from developing independent non-governmental sources of sustenance. The future of Aboriginal people lies in creating private sector opportunities and wealth in the spirit of constructive cooperation.

Combining extensive experience and professional innovation, the Calvin Helin Personal Law Corporation ("CHPLC") seeks win/win solutions. CHPLC specializes in providing quality legal and consulting services in areas of Aboriginal interest.

Mission Statements

  • "Providing Innovative Strategies for Aboriginal issues"; and
  • "Investing in the 'business' of people."


Service to Non-Aboriginal Clientele include:

  • Provision of strategic advice for dealing with Aboriginal interests and issues;
  • Advising on business (corporate and commercial) issues on Aboriginal related projects.

Services to Aboriginal Clientele:

a. Corporate/ Commercial

  • Incorporation, partnership, joint venture, sole proprietorship?
  • Drafting commercial agreements
  • Tax planning
  • Negotiation with corporations/government
  • Advice on developing reserve based projects and lands Advising on business (corporate and commercial) issues on Aboriginal related projects.

b. Other

  • Treaty advice and negotiation strategy development
  • Natural resource development
  • Negotiating and drafting Resource Sharing and Impact Benefit Agreements
  • Dispute Resolution

General Description of services Areas

This area will provide a range of services to assist aboriginal and non-aboriginal groups in structuring commercial deals and with business related legal advice. CHPLC will specialize in developing projects on reserve lands and related real estate ventures. The emphasis will be on achieving results efficiently.

Dispute Resolution/Labor
This area can provide advice on negotiation (especially cross-cultural negotiation), mediation, arbitration, and on various processes in these areas. When disputes arise over natural resource use and related matters CHPLC can provide a neutral source of dispute resolution. Also, advice can be provided on aspects of employment and labor law.

This area can provide a range of experience and expertise relating to maritime and fisheries matters. The practice area includes: transfer of ownership of vessels; transfer of commercial fishing licenses and related commercial fishery issues-such as dealing with charges under the Fisheries Act; advising on fishing rights.

Comprehensive/Specific Claims
This area can provide advice on how to negotiate, structure and deal with settlement of land claims.

Advice can be provided on negotiating, structuring and defining self-government initiatives for First Nations. For non-natives, advice can be provided on how to deal with self-governing First Nations government and institutions.


This division of the CHPLC can build on its past record to meet a range of First Nations litigation requirements.

Advice can be provided on environmental regulation, policy and related issues.

Natural Resources
This area can address the whole field of issues ranging from mineral leases to jurisdiction over water resources.

Calvin Helin is one of Canada’s most well known Aboriginal lawyers, and is recognized nationally for his influential business activities in Aboriginal Canada.

The son of Chief Niis-Loch-a-Noos of the Tsimshian Nation, Mr. Helin spent his childhood years in the coastal community of Lax kw’alaams in Northern British Columbia, and was called to the Bar in 1992.

Mr. Helin has been active in the creation and direction of many not-for-profit organizations. He is founding President of the Native Investment and Trade Association; founding Vice-President of the National Aboriginal Business Association; and, Director of the National Board of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

In addition, Mr. Helin is founding Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of Aboriginal Global Investment Management Inc.; a Director of Vancouver Television Inc.; President of Pan Pacific Aboriginal Trade Co. Inc.; and a Director of Praxis Technical Group Inc. Mr. Helin is a former Director of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Recently, Mr. Helin was awarded the Commemoration Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Confederation, an honor extended by the Governor General of Canada to persons who have made a significant to their fellow citizens, their community, and to Canada.

Mr. Helin was selected as one of the top “40 Under 40” entrepreneurs by the Vancouver-based newspaper, Business in Vancouver, and was selected by Equity magazine, in the January 1996 issue, as one of the top 15 leaders (under the age of 40) poised to lead British Columbia into the next century. He is listed in the “Who’s Who of Professionals” register, and has recently headed high profile Aboriginal trade missions to New Zealand and China.

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